Here are some ideas from what to anticipate when relationships into the Korea since a foreigner

Thus, you coordinated with many individuals. Delivered certain texts. Replaced Kakao ID’s and today you might be ready to meet this individual inside real-world. Just like any time or meet and enjoy, it’s important to feel at ease with the person you will be fulfilling, plus not to ever waiting too-long before going ahead and fulfilling during the people if the matchmaking otherwise a pals which have work with state will be your objective.


Some things you can essentially assume to the a first date which have an excellent Korean. You’ll always be asked such issues towards the big date if maybe not prior to, “Where are you currently off?”…“What makes you inside Korea?”… “How much time do you ever stay in Korea?”… “Why not enjoys a sweetheart?”… Often the fresh new early, “Can i become your boyfriend?” but unfailingly they constantly inquire, “How old will you be?”.

Ages has been a big part of Korean community, they identifies the latest hierarchy out-of that is the top at desk.


That it performs to the consuming people. This new youngest person should put the new beverages with a couple hand. The fresh new youngest person is always meant to mask their mug which have the hands once they take in too. I ignore that area, but I could get away with several things while the a non-native.

Although not one thing is for certain, you always have to drink at the same time. Easily choose my personal cup to take a drink, my personal Korean go out can sometimes rush mid-chew for also. It’s form of annoying – particularly while the I’m able to always aside take in one another – but also for probably the most area Koreans deal with their soju well. I find you to definitely drinking is a significant element of relationships right here…though full revelation: I am from Wisconsin, and so i generally prevent schedules with folks who don’t take in or cannot see taking.

The balance.

However each person provides the individual choices to possess paying the statement, however, generally speaking from inside the Korea this new eldest body is guilty of paying. Whenever you are the new oldest and you may a foreigner, you can purchase aside that have claiming, “Let us split the bill”. I have found it works well to invest during the cycles. Perhaps you use the basic bullet and then capable shell out for another take in, coffee, or dessert order. Koreans are very sympathetic to help you unaware foreigners that simply don’t completely understand its social norms.


Another social observance well worth bringing-up would be the fact whenever Koreans big date with friends, it’s normally carried out in rounds; dinner and products, coffee, alot more products, etcetera. Schedules is equivalent. It is rather regular that your particular day would like to very first satisfy for dinner, following perhaps a drink, then another activity, plus one. And come up with switching make payment on expenses smoother.

Brand new Korean cycles build is superb, since you may alter spots and you may perform a number of date factors. However this might be annoying when two of you is actually indecisive and non-planners. Tip: keeps a before-right up plan, magic bundle, or perhaps ok inquiring and you will answering practical question “Very, precisely what do for you to do next?” from time to time throughout your time.

Sort of schedules.

For the most part, schedules is just as typical as what We have educated home. You see a common interest, and decide what you each other have to do after you meet. Listed below are some of the common times I’ve been to your whenever you are living in Korea.

Normal dining times.

You both must eat right? Well certainly my favorite first date meals is Korean Barbeque. I think, Korean Bbq possess all of the makings from the ultimate first date. Very Korean guys will say their most favorite meals is samgyeopsal (grilled chicken belly), thus they’ll be came across. And it is very easy on soju, alcohol, and you can hopefully conversation to disperse while waiting for the brand new beef so you can barbecue grill. Be sure to pose a question to your time exactly what their most favorite ratio away from soju to beer (maekju) is, into best somaek combine.