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Restore Damaged & Missing Teeth

Dental Crowns at Admire Dental Branford

Dental crowns help give you your smile back. If you have a severely damaged tooth from decay or an oral injury, our dental health professionals can use a dental crown to restore and protect your tooth’s structure. If you have a missing tooth, dental crowns can create a bridge to fill in any gaps leaving you with a beautiful, cohesive smile.

Dental Crown

When Should You Consider A Crown?

Best Candidates For Dental Crowns

Crowns are often used in dental care to help preserve the natural tooth structure. If you have tooth decay, recently had a root canal, or have a cracked tooth, dental crowns can go over compromised teeth to protect them from additional damage or infection. Schedule a consultation at Admire Dental Branford to discover if dental crowns are right for you.

Dental Bridges

Restore Your Smile

Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Bridges

A quality dentist experienced in dental bridges can help restore your smile without partial dentures. Dental bridges are made using two dental crowns and a false tooth. The dentist attaches the crowns to healthy teeth next to the missing tooth to create the bridge. The bridge secures the dental in place to restore the function and beauty of your smile.

Taking Care

What You Should Know

Caring for Dental Crowns & Bridges

Your Admire Dental Branford dentist will go over a maintenance plan, similar to caring for your natural teeth. Good oral hygiene practices like brushing twice per day and flossing once per day help prevent decay and infections in your crowns. Regular brushing and flossing are also important to care for dental bridges. Floss between the gum and the base of the bridge reduces plaque buildup.

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